Waste is a serious and growing global problem. The way we use and discard it is quickly destroying the earth and damaging our health faster than most people realise. We live in a disposable society where we don’t value our belongings, and we’re consuming way too many resources. 

Would you play on this beach?

At VACA CARE we emphasise consuming and wasting less a lot.

Sustainability has been one of our core principles since our birth. The problem with overconsumption leading to waste is real. Presently, we live in a linear economy where we take resources from the earth and after initial satisfaction we dump them back in the nature. A product is created, we purchase it and, when we’ve used it, we throw away whatever’s left. After waste is generated, it is typically transported from our lives without much thought. An amazing amount of ‘unseen’ waste is created long before consumers touch it. Beyond our overconsumption problem, landfills are toxic. For future generations, it’s one of the biggest mistakes we are making. 

I remember when i first moved abroad – Cyprus was my destination back in 2009. I shot my photos on film, and when giving them in for developing at a local expat run photo shop, he refused to save the images on my USB stick. Viruses, he said, and recommended to throw away the CD after transferring the pics in my laptop. SO F*****G PAINFUL.

We are a brand and we want you to buy our products. What we do differently? 


We believe the choice is yours. We created a functional skin care line that is useful in many different ways, and not something that you would just want to own! We don’t try to make you buy our stuff spending enormous amounts of money and resources on marketing, advertising, fancy packaging, flyers, stickers, etc.


We believe in using sustainable, biodegradable natural and vegan ingredients. And we don’t double pack our products. Our labels are made of paper, and they wear and tear and get greasy and stuff 🙂 All the necessities are in and on the tiny tin. You can read extra on our website. We don’t give out colourful brochures at markets and expos to be thrown out in the nearest bin. We don’t give you a bag either unless you REALLY need one. The bags we occasionally pack your products in are self-made from recycled sketching paper, sometimes we use magazines and newspapers too!


Now, you might not call this a real business, but we are not a business – we are a lifestyle. We are a brand that values the beauty of nature and healthy environment. 

Going ZERO WASTE is not exactly easy. One must really reconsider everything learnt so far. First lesson:

You don’t need everything you think you “need.”


By reducing what we need, we’re reducing what we’ll eventually throw out. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where we write trash out of existence.


Wouldn’t it be beautiful? 




Liina Kurs

A multipotentialite with many superpowers like holistic healthcare, nutrition, professional cooking, photography, natural bulding materials, environment protection, gardening, arts, travelling the world, I embrace and teach spiritual practice, excercise, food and mind connection, importance of healthy and nurturing relationships, virtues of wisdom and openmindedness. I encourage simple and natural living. I also create functional skin care that embraces sustainable wellness.