Watersports and fun in Pärnu Beach

VACA CARE is not your usual moisturiser.

VACA CARE is a skin care line for those who spend their days out and about – wandering the earth, sailing the seas or running the trails .

VACA CARE was created by and for young, self-aware and active free-souls. We create for those who admire and value the beauty of nature and care about the earth as much as for oneself.


VACA CARE is clean&smart. 

All chosen ingredients are super concentrated, bio-active and carry therapeutic properties. Our products are made to offer maximum treat and protection during extreme outdoor activities. Free from fillers, synthetics, palm oil,  we offer natural and safe way to care for your skin. All our products are formulated and produced by us in our own studio.


VACA CARE is a line for active, sporty and mobile people.

Our products don’t add weight nor take up space in your sack. We use small, light and portable aluminum packaging – the easiest material to recycle. 


VACA CARE is eco-friendly.

Our mission is cruelty free world. We are vegan and proud on using sustainable raw materials only. We are never going to double pack our products and emphasize recycling the tins!

VACA is simply a shorty from ‘vacation’, and stands for ‘active vacation’.