Maker Faire Vienna 2017 was a big success! 900 makers, 50 workshops, 38 talks and a children’s program were on the schedule on May 20th and 21st 2017 at METAStadt. More than 9.200 vistors soldered, hammered, tinkered, programmed with us. The number of vistors rose over 50 percent compared to last year! In the media Maker Faire Vienna was mentioned in over 50 articles, TV reports and radio features.


 It’s been enough time to recover and make conclusions about our performance at the amazing –



It was Vaca’s first time to go out from our small studio and see our dear customers face to face. And we are happy we did so! Not only was METAStadt packed with curious and open minded individuals but it led the path to a new way of thinking and doing, co-operations and friendships!


The positive feedback helped us greatly to identify our values and gave us much motivation to take steps forward in our production and marketing. We are extremely grateful to all who dared to test our creams and sincerely believe that we can make a difference in your daily skin care routine. Thus, we continue the hard work of formulating and testing so that we can bring you even more effective and convenient cosmetics.


                                                                        See, what ORF had to say about Maker Faire



Here at VACA CARE, we are earnestly concerned about climate change, pollution, consumer habits and eco-system, and we believe that we can make a change. Like many others we met at the fair and had the chance to discuss these fiery issues, we dare to be different in our mentality about lifestyle choices – clean & smart, zero synthetics, zero preservatives, zero artificial scents, 100% natural, vegan. 





Liina Kurs

A multipotentialite with many superpowers like holistic healthcare, nutrition, professional cooking, photography, natural bulding materials, environment protection, gardening, arts, travelling the world, I embrace and teach spiritual practice, excercise, food and mind connection, importance of healthy and nurturing relationships, virtues of wisdom and openmindedness. I encourage simple and natural living. I also create functional skin care that embraces sustainable wellness.