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functional skin care

 100% natural. vegan


functional skin care


VACA CARE is not your usual moisturiser.

VACA CARE is a line for young, self-aware and active free-souls who admire and value the beauty of nature.

We create for those, who are informed and care about the earth as much as for oneself.

Our philosophy is: clean & smart. 

Our products are specially formulated to protect, treat and heal your skin during extreme outdoor 

activities like surfing, sailing, hiking, skiing or running a marathon.


It is our mission to offer cruelty free cosmetics. Minimising harmful effect to our 

environment, we pride ourselves on aiming towards zero waste and minimal BS. No synthetics, artificial 

fragrances, additives, preservatives or palm oil; nothing is tested on animals, it’s vegan, organic and 

fairtrade where possible and we don’t double pack!


VACA CARE products are exclusively handcrafted; assessed for safety under EU legislation by 

Oxford Biosciences.