Natural aluminium- and alcohol-free, bicarb based deo is not only safer, but incredibly effective! It can save you from smelling without clogging pores or blocking your natural bodily functions. We use sodium bicarbonate as an active ingredient to neutralize the odour causing bacteria. For most people, soda is totally harmless, but very sensitive skin can break out. This is why we balance the potentially harsh effect of soda with hydrating and soothing oat oil. 

But are you using your deo-paste correctly?

Apply the paste with fingertips just like facial cream. Scoop a tiny amount from the tin and gently rub in your freshly washed and slightly damp armpits until it disappears. Allow 5 minutes for the deodorant to absorb into your skin before getting dressed. A little really goes a long way – if it feels greasy, it’s too much!

Remember, your armpits are sensitive areas and demand a gentle care, just like any other part of your precious body! Do not downsize your pits by unmindfully applying a random roll-on. You do not roll-on anything else on anywhere else, do you?
Love yourself ❤



Liina Kurs

A multipotentialite with many superpowers like holistic healthcare, nutrition, professional cooking, photography, natural bulding materials, environment protection, gardening, arts, travelling the world, I embrace and teach spiritual practice, excercise, food and mind connection, importance of healthy and nurturing relationships, virtues of wisdom and openmindedness. I encourage simple and natural living. I also create functional skin care that embraces sustainable wellness.