I’m sure all of our customers will by now be aware of the forthcomingGDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) which come into force late in May 2018, but how many of you know how this might affect the data we hold on you and what might have to change?


To explain briefly. The main change that affects the data that VACA CARE holds from our customers is that all our customers now need to opt-in to receive our newsletter rather than us just assuming it’s OK to send it to you, despite it always being a condition of becoming a ‘regular’ or ‘trade’ customer when shopping on our website. So… how does this all change things you might ask?


We have never added anyone to our newsletter database that did not already make a purchase from our website, filled in a request to receive our newsletter, contacted us through our contact form or gave a permission any other way. It has always been a condition of shopping at our website that you agree to receive our monthly newsletters as well as any other emails about promotions that we may send out from time-to-time, so we are confident that your data was added to our newsletter database with your consent and additionally we have never purchased any data from anywhere else.


We always offer an opt-out from our newsletter, you can find the ‘unsubscribe’ button in the footer of the newsletter. However your data is only held on our system with your consent and as a direct result of you being a customer on our website. 


Because registered customers receive a discount offerswhen shopping on our website, we have always made it a condition that should a customer opt out of receiving our newsletters, we also remove their entitlement to a discount when shopping. It’s a mutual relationship… you get a discount when shopping and we get to tell you about our special offers and interesting news via email, so neither one without the other. 


We have made the decision to maintain these discounts for currently registered customers based on the fact that these customers did already opt-in to our newsletter database and as such we have your consent for this having repeatedly sent you all email newsletters and offered an opt-out on every occasion. In doing this you will not suddenly find that you no longer receive your discount when you next shop on our website. 


If you do not agree with this form of having given your consent we would strongly request that you opt out of our newsletter NOW.


Going forward, all new customers registering on our website for the first time after May 25th 2018 will no longer automatically receive a newsletter for special offers and discounts when shopping on our website. You can now register in a pop-up form on our website asking for your consent to being added to our newsletter database. We think this is the fairest way to make the changes to GDPR and we hope you all agree.


So how safe is your data? Firstly our own internal computer network is extremely important to us and we put great effort into keeping it safe, employing the latest in network security together with regular network vulnerability scanning by independent providers that ensures our security is up to the job and fit to cope with the ever-evolving threats to cybersecurity that threaten every business these days. Secondly, we do not keep any sensitive data on our email newsletter database, only your name and your email address, so none of the other information you use on our website when shopping is ever transferred to our own internal network. All your address information is kept secure on the server that hosts our website. 


We use PayPal to process your online payments, being industry leading PSP with your data never actually being entered or stored on our own website.


We hope that as a valued customer reading this brief article you will continue to agree to receive our regular email newsletters, which are never of a frequency to become annoying. If you choose to opt out we will modify your online account and you will no longer receive any discount that you enjoyed when shopping on our website, which is all about the mutual relationship we have as customer and supplier.




Liina Kurs

A multipotentialite with many superpowers like holistic healthcare, nutrition, professional cooking, photography, natural bulding materials, environment protection, gardening, arts, travelling the world, I embrace and teach spiritual practice, excercise, food and mind connection, importance of healthy and nurturing relationships, virtues of wisdom and openmindedness. I encourage simple and natural living. I also create functional skin care that embraces sustainable wellness.