3 uses for MUSCLE EASE that you didn’t know

MUSCLE EASE is ideal for athletes, hobby sportsmen, hikers, and all active people! It helps reduce inflammation and pain caused by muscle sprain or strains – a great overall balm for soothing aching muscles & joints. ⠀

But its uses doesn’t end there, there are quite a few other uses for it:

1. Did you know that ME can help clear up congestion? Just massage the balm onto your chest, it works well on your respiratory system!
2. Massaged onto feet ME helps to relieve tired and sore feet. Try it after a foot bath with our FIZZY SALT. Feels like magic!
3. ME can also be rubbed on your lower back and tummy during menstruation. Promoting circulation, it helps to ease the pain caused by cramping.



Liina Kurs

A multipotentialite with many superpowers like holistic healthcare, nutrition, professional cooking, photography, natural bulding materials, environment protection, gardening, arts, travelling the world, I embrace and teach spiritual practice, excercise, food and mind connection, importance of healthy and nurturing relationships, virtues of wisdom and openmindedness. I encourage simple and natural living. I also create functional skin care that embraces sustainable wellness.